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Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry has adopted the following books for year 1 & year 2 students based on Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum.

Books other than the Bible that Students will be required to read and do reports on are follows:

Year 1 Booklist

  1. Sept. – “When Heaven Invades Earth” – Bill Johnson
  2. Oct. – “The Ultimate Treasure Hunt” – Kevin Dedmon
  3. Nov. – “Culture of Honor”- Danny Silk
  4. Dec. – “Happy Intercessor” – Beni Johnson
  5. Jan. – “God is good” – Bill Johnson
  6. Feb. – “Experiencing the Fathers Embrace” – Jack Frost
  7. Mar.- “Sozo”-Dawna Desilva & Teresa Liebscher, “That all may Prophesy”- Steve Thompson
  8. Apr.- “Supernatural ways of Royalty” (Book only)- Kris Vallotton
  9. May- “Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle”- Kris Vallotton
  10. Jun.- “Fashioned to Reign”- Kris Vallotton
  11. Jul.- “God’s Generals I, Revivalists”- Roberts Liardon
  12. Aug.- “Strengthen yourself in the Lord”- Bill Johnson

Year 2 Booklist

  1. Sept.- “Face to Face with God”- Bill Johnson
  2. Oct.- “Kingdom Culture”- Dan Farrelly
  3. Nov.- “Defining Moments”- Bill Johnson
  4. Dec.- “A Practical Guide to Evangelism Supernaturally”- Chris Overstreet
  5. Jan.- “The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness”- Jason Vallotton
  6. Feb.- “Keep Your Love on”- Danny Silk
  7. Mar.- “Spirit Wars”- Kris Vallotton
  8. Apr.- “God’s Genrals: The Healing Evangelists”- Roberts Liardon
  9. May- “The Pursuit of God”- A.W. Tozer
  10. Jun.- “Developing the Leader within you”- John C. Maxwell
  11. Jul.- “Heavy Rain”- Kris Vallotton
  12. Aug.- “Dreaming with God”- Bill Johnson


Class Textbooks**

~ Holy Bible (NKJ) ~
~ Basic Training for the Prophetic (Workbook) ~
~ Grasping God’s Word, 2nd Edition ~
~ Christian History Made Easy ~
~ The Hayford Bible Handbook ~

**Book expenses are the responsibility of each student.

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